Miles Morland EUR25,000 Scholarship Opportunity

Pondering the implications of today’s education has never been easy. People go into the couloirs of learning without really knowing what they will come to expect, but despite the overwhelming pressure that has been applied to the average student to succeed, prices have gone quite willingly out of control.

Bringing the unfairness of learning today under control will take a communal effort that needs to be targeting the well-being of learners. However, universities are increasingly turning learning into a commodity reserved for those who have the financial backing to pursue it.

Merit is still very much important in whether you can make it through the rigorous of learning, however it is a merit of a different sort.

It is the merit of whether you have the money to afford what is to come and to bear the costs of learning. Many e-learning alternatives have been mushrooming in a bid to signal traditional institutions of higher education that this will simply not cut it for many gifted students.

Naturally, these new institutions have been attempting to combine the best from both realms of learning – online and offline.

Today, you have plenty of opportunity when it comes to picking a reliable and worth-it scholarship. You will certainly want to commit yourself to degree programs and this is one of things that will truly make a difference in your life.

Now, degree programs are naturally quite expensive and there are no two ways about this particular thing. However, you will be quite pleased with yourself when it comes to delivering a performance in your studies, on any which level this may be.

Yes, price tags are exorbitant, but then again this can be offset, by being long-sighted:

  • One way to guarantee that you can sort out the costs of education is by ensuring that you have been saving up from years ahead;
  • Another way is to rely on a mainstream opportunity which will make it in the form of a scholarship opportunity

Student grants will definitely offset a large amount of the costs that may be incurred through studying. Studying is expensive and there are no two ways about this. You will be quite displeased with the exorbitant costs, indeed.

However, you can truly tackle those through a mix of your personal aptitude in academia and tapping into the ready-made solutions that will help you excel and offer a final solution to all your study-related qualms.

EUR 25,000 in African Scholarship

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31 thoughts on “Miles Morland EUR25,000 Scholarship Opportunity

  1. I am a sierra leonean living in Freetown. I will Be please to acquired a degree with your scholarship

  2. Good day, as an ardent lover of Biomedical engineering – which I\’m studying, I\’ll Love to have this scholarship because money\’s the only constraint I have right now hindering me from really manifesting my God-given potential.

  3. I\’m George. A Kenyan citizen. I would like to continue with my studies but due to financial problem, I\’m not able. I would be very greatful if I get the scholarship

  4. Am Harris Z, Alpha from Liberia i will like further my studies, but due to finical problem, am unable. am so grateful to come across this opportunity, it will b a miracle to me to get this scholarship.

  5. hello am Abraham living in Africa ,Nigeria to be precised .I will love to apply for a degree scholarship program in your school.i will be so pleased if you can grant me this opportunity,thank you and God bless u.

  6. My name is Cristine.I just want to inquire about the application regarding the scholarships for incoming senior high school.Please grant me scholarship.Thank you

  7. I really need the undergraduate study to help me though I have no parent to help me they all die doing war in Liberia please help me.

  8. Hi,
    I am from India and i really need your help for my studies my parents are having hard time to support me and i can\’t get any part time job here . I need you to help me

  9. Good day, I am Amara Dulleh, I am an African and a Liberian. I take this as a great honour to have been afforded this opportunity to express my desire for this scholarship. As an \

  10. hi, my name is zamzam.lam somali citizen l finish my secondary school l would like to continue my studies but l can not able to finish because of money financial really l want to get this scholarship to finish and success my education to become edu

  11. Hello..I am Susan from Kenya .A young mother of two. Getting this scholarship would be a dream come true. I have always wanted to further my education .I have a first class honours degree I would love to do my masters..Thank you

  12. Habib abdulrahman Ahmed Tiben I m leaving in Sudan north Darfur El fasher . I m studied languages arts English and French so I have interest to get degree with your scholarship.

  13. hi good morning team,
    am Kasanda Mulundu from Zambia, ill be great full if i offer this scholarship, i have interesting to learn accounting and finance management or other related business curses.

  14. Hey,iam David Akope from Uganda.Iam seeking for a full time scholarship due to low income yet talented.I will be grateful if the offer is granted to me

  15. I am Muhudin Hussein from Somalia . I would like to continue my studies and also hope to get this scholarship and so much appreciated your efforts .


  16. I am very pleased to hear about your scholarship grants for those who have financial problems. I am an Ethiopian, who wants to continue my Computer science education via your grant. Wish you to hear a Good news on my acceptance by your institution. Thanks.

  17. hello my name is HAKIZIMANA MUHIRE Aimable home country is RWANDA., i am very have a hope to hear about your scholarship grants for those who have financial problems. am the one who wants to continue my civil ingineering education your grant . wish you to hear a good message on my acceptance by your institution. NB: my father are in prison but please help me. thanks have you a nice moment.

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